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Who Are Our Knights?

Who are the Knights of Columbus?  Founded on the principles of Unity, Charity,  Fraternity, and Patriotism, the Knights of Columbus was established in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney.   Unity - None of us is as good as all of us. Members of the Knights of Columbus all know that – together – we can accomplish far more than any of us could individually. You can count on the support and encouragement of your brother Knights as you work to make life better in your parish and community.  Charity - As St. James reminds us, “faith without works is dead.” Therefore, as Knights we are committed to charity, easing the plight of those less fortunate.  Fraternity - Through the Knights of Columbus, Catholic men are able to band together as brothers to help one another in times of distress.  Patriotism - The Principle of the Fourth Degree.  Catholic men are proud citizens of our country, and serve witness to the values of devotion to God and country, the bedrock of patriotism.  Knights of Columbus Council 13479 at Prince of Peace Catholic Church was founded in February of 2004 by Father Mike Shea and thirty-four gentlemen of the Parish.  Our Council now has over one hundred members and is looking for more Parish gentlemen to join.    


But who are the Knights of Columbus of Prince of Peace Catholic Church?  Well, next time you are at Mass look at the gentlemen sitting to your right or left, they are probably Knights of Columbus.  Sitting there they look like any other parishioner but if there is a need in the Church there they are working in their Blue Shirts.  They are the gentlemen setting up additional chairs for a special event at church.  They are Knights of Columbus.  When the Church’s Religious Education was concerned about parking lot traffic as the youth groups are let out Sunday evenings, the Knights of Columbus are out there directing traffic.  When Prince of Peace Catholic Church has a clean up day for the Church grounds, look at the gentlemen who are out there all day, they are Knights of Columbus.  Our Boy Scout Troop goes fishing, the Knights are there to take them.  Their principles of Charity, Unity. Fraternity, and Patriotism cause these Parish gentlemen to come together and say, “We will do it.”  Because “it” needs to be done.  


I hear people say you can’t fix the world.  Well that may be true, but we can make our little part of it the best we can.  So who are the Knights of Columbus?  We are the gentlemen of the Parish that make a difference, who make the programs run a bit smoother, who make the children a little safer, who make our little part of the world a little cleaner, and who even has time to have fun fishing.  We are the gentlemen who give our time and talents for the benefit of others.  It is sometimes hard work but it doesn’t seem so hard because we are doing it with our Brother Knights.  Your question is not “Who are the Knights of Columbus?”  But rather “How do I become a Knight of Columbus?” and “How can you help?”  Ask a Knight of Columbus, we wear Blue Shirts.

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